Introducing Automated Cloud Backup

DesiCloud's next-generation data management platform comprises Cloud Backup, Disaster Recovery (DR), and Archiving as well as centralised visibility of all your data, regardless of what it's stored on or where it's stored.

Backup critical data from desktops, laptops and servers, across physical and virtual platforms. . Restore data to its original location or a new location of your choice. Complete ad-hoc file recoveries at any time and as often as required.

We are specialists in Automated Cloud Backup

Highly Secure

Multiple copies of data are held securely encrypted in UK datacentres. The encryption key is set by you, ensuring no unauthorised access.

DesiCloud  ensures your data will be secure from Ransomware or WannaCry viruses . 


DesiCloud Managed Backup works on Windows and Windows Server, macOS, Linux. DesiCloud makes restoring data easy. Individual files and folders can be quickly restored from any type of backup (file, image, virtual machine). To bring a server back to life, DesiCloud supports Bare Metal Restore (BMR) to the same, dissimilar hardware, virtual machine, or cloud computing instance.


Backups run to an automated schedule with no need for manual intervention; no human error, no risk, and automated reporting.

Cloud Backup for Cloud Services

DesiCloud Managed Backup can back up and restore your AWS EC2 instances, Azure VMs, Office 365 and Google Gsuit. If you have a compliance reason to have your DR in a different Cloud/Location , DesiCloud will be able to help. 

DesiCloud can provide a Hybrid Backup solution with combination of on-prem and cloud backup. In this solution you can always have a copy locally as well as a backup in the cloud. 

Hybrid Backup 

Bandwidth Efficient

DesiCloud minimises the demand on bandwidth by reducing the amount of data sent, stored and recovered, using deduplication, compression and incremental technology.

DesiCloud Software has the ability to preselect the Bandwidth the Backup should use. 

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